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The Archibald Rutledge Outdoor Adventure Stories Collection

Unseen for a century, these fast-paced Archibald Rutledge adventure stories have been revived through a collaboration between South Carolina Humanities and the University of South Carolina Press. Featuring handsome charcoal drawings by Southern artist Stephen Chesley and introductions by award-winning outdoors writer and Rutledge scholar Jim Casada, these special editions are a must for every collector's bookshelf!

The short stories were written for publication in an early twentieth-century boy's magazine and were first collected in the privately printed Eddy Press edition of Old Plantation Day (c. 1913). Limited to just a few hundred copies, the Eddy Press edition is highly prized by Rutledge collectors and includes these four stories—"Claws," "The Doom of Ravenswood," "The Egret's Plumes," and "The Ocean's Menace"—not found in the more widely available 1921 Stokes edition of Old Plantation Days.

Collect All Four!
The Doom of Ravenswood
The Egret's Plumes
The Ocean's Menace





Jacketed Hardcover, $24.99
Limited Numbered Leather, $225.00
Limited Lettered Leather with signed charcoal drawing, $500.00

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