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College of Arts and Sciences at a Glance

Our largest college is home to 19 core academic disciplines and 53 interdisciplinary programs, centers, institutes and schools. Our students and faculty seek new ways to work together, discover more, break down boundaries and change our world for the better.

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  • Infographic: Degrees Awarded: 1,798 Bachelor's, 151 Master's, 108 Doctorates, 28 Certificates
  • Infographic: 19 Departments
  • Infographic: 7,713 Undergraduate Students, 1,114 Graduate Students
  • Infographic: 576 Faculty Members
  • Infographic: Programs: 48 Bachelor's, 47 Master's, 22 Doctorates, 7 Graduate Certificates
  • Infographic: 44% Male Students, 56% Female Students
  • Infographic: $36.4 Million in Research Funding
  • Infographic: 215,825 Credit Hours Taught per Semester
  • Infographic: 24 Centers and Institutes

Statistics are from the most recent available academic year.