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Faculty/Staff Member
Brooke Bauer An Enduring People: Catawba Women and Education
Adam Biggs The Newest Negroes: Revisions
Stephen Criswell South Carolina Native American Documentation Fieldwork Project
Elizabeth Easley The influence of physical activity and exercise motivation, benefits, and barriers on body composition in college students at a rural, Southern university
Chris Judge A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Research Potential of a Large Collection of Prehistoric Native American Artifacts Recently Donated to USCL’s Native American Studies Center
Howard Kingkade Short Film Project
Bettie Obi Johnson and Annette Golonka Identification of Unknown Compounds in the Floral Scent of Gelsemium sempervirens
Todd Scarlett Foraging movements of Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias) determined by satellite tracking
Prof. Marybeth Berry "Bea & Me”: A Solo Performance
Dr. Mike Bonner   Indexing Fees
Prof. Brent Burgin An Epistolary Review of Catawba Indian Letters to the Governor 
Dr. Steven Campbell Games Advisers Play: Political Manipulation of Foreign Policy in the Carter Administration
Dr. Susan Cruise Barriers in higher education for young adults who have aged out of the foster care system  
Dr. Kate Holland Extending the Capacity Model to Include High and Low Levels of Trait Anxiety: Examination of the Influence of Affective and Cognitive Stress on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Performance on an Affective Memory Task Using a Dual Task Paradigm
Dr. David Roberts        Cynicism within Culture and Education
Dr. Sarah Sellhorst The Relationship of Visceral Adipose Tissue to BMI and W/H Ratio in College Students Aged 18-25 years 
Prof. Brittany Taylor-Driggers Differences in Dirt: Clay Relationships within the NAS Special Collection Part II   
Dr. Chris Bundrick Woven Between the Lines: The Short Fiction of Elliott White Springs
Dr. Fernanda Burke   Improving the Pharmacokinetics of Naturally Occurring Peptides: A Parallel Teaching Approach
Dr. Courtney Catledge Evaluation of lung capacity utilizing serial peak flow results in students from 6-12 grades participating in Band and implications for asthma outcomes
Dr. Elizabeth Easley The influence of physical activity and exercise motivation, benefits, and barriers on body composition in college students at a rural, Southern university
Prof. Fran Gardner    Artistic Works: Two Summer Projects
Prof. Ann Scott Implementing Appreciative Advising within a Rural BSN Collaborative Program
Dr. Andy Yingst A Context in which Finite Ergodicity is Generic
Dr. Mike Bonner

The Blockade in the Civil War

Prof. Brent Burgin Saving an Ancient Tradition: The 1973 Columbia Museum of Art Catawba Pottery Exhibit
Dr. Steven Campbell Brzezinski’s Controversial Enemy Image of the Soviet Union
Dr. Stephen Criswell South Carolina Folklife Essay Collection
Dr. Kate Holland Extension of a Double Dissociation Paradigm to Include Exposure to Physiological Stress in High and Low Hostile Individuals
Prof. Chris Judge Searching for the Earliest Corn Crop in South Carolina
Dr. Nick Lawrence Appealing to the Sensible: “Mr. Parkman’s Tour,” Gold Fever, and Melville’s Ambivalent Westward Approach
Dr. Annette Golonka  and
Dr. Bettie Obi Johnson
Gelsemium sempervirens: Scent Profile and Nectar Inhabiting Microorganisms
Prof. Brittany Taylor-Driggers Differences in Dirt: A Research of Clay Relationships within NAS Special Collection
Dr. Fernanda Burke   A Teaching Approach to Improving the Pharmacokinetics of Naturally Occurring Peptides
Dr. Walt Collins   Indexing Project for the edited volume The Sefi Atta Reader, Walter Collins, editor
Prof. Fran Gardner     Personal Petroglyphs: A Developing  Body of Work
Dr. Lisa Hammond Contemporary American Motherhood Memoirs article
Prof. Claudia Y. Heinemann-Priest   Catawba Language Material Retrieval Project – the NAA Rudes/Siebert collection
Prof. Marybeth Holloway Expressive Actor/Lugering Method Training & Presentation of Work at La Mama Symposium for Directors
Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick An inquiry regarding the experiences of Korean academic librarians
Dr. Howard Kingkade Film Project
Dr. Dana Lawrence Communication, Collaboration, and Community: A Participatory Design Approach to Writing Center Administration
Dr. Bruce Nims  Revision for Publication of Three Conference Papers on Akira Kurosawa
Dr. Noni Bohonak  Development of Online CSCE101
Dr. Michael Bonner  Completion of Manuscript: Confederate Political Economy
Dr. Stephen Criswell Phase 2 of Oral History Collection and Transcription
Dr. Nicholas Guittar Sexual Affinity/Sexual Identity Study 
Dr. Kate Holland  Capacity Model for Anxious Arousal and Type II Diabetes
Dr. Bettie Obi-Johnson The Role of Nectar-Inhibiting Yeast in Plants
Prof. Chris Judge USCL Native American Studies Center-Summer Research
Prof. Brent Burgin The Origins of Catawba Literacy


Dr. Fernanda Burke Improving the Pharmacokinetics of Naturally Occurring Peptides Involved in Satiety and Metabolism Disorders
Dr. Steven Campbell Archival Research to Expand Work Related to Dissertation Topic, Leading to Publications in Political Science
Prof. Fran Gardner Place & Voice: Preparation for Artist-in-Residence at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico.
Prof. Mary Beth Holloway Expenses Related to a Theatrical Production in Osijek, Croatia
Dr. Sarah Hunt-Sellhorst Differences Among Traditional Body Composition Measures Across Age and Activity Level in Older Adults
Prof. Brittany Taylor Drawing in Clay: An Artistic Collaboration to create a Body of Work with a Catawba Potter, Phase 1 of 3 Phases   
Dr. Bettie Obi-Johnson “Measurement of Chemicals Leached from Plastic Food Containers by SPE GC-MS:  Development Of an Undergraduate Chemistry Experiment”
Dr. Annette Golonka “Identification of Nectar-Inhibiting Microorganisms in Local Populations of the Plant Silene Carolinian”
Dr. Kate Holland   “Lateralized Differences in Cerebral Activation as a Function of Digestive Stress:  Changes in EEG Beta Magnitude in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Men and Women”
Dr. Lisa Hammond “Finding the Goddess and Other Poems”
Dr. Stephen Criswell    “South Carolina Native American History Collection Project”
Prof. Claudia Y. Heinemann Priest The Review Panel recommends funding this proposal for continued development and expansion of a comprehensive dictionary for the Catawba Language.
Dr. Fernanda Marques Burke The Review Panel recommends funding this very well developed proposal for improving the pharmacokinetics of naturally occurring peptides involved in satiety and metabolism disorders.
Dr. Kate Holland The Review Panel recommends partial funding this proposal for assessing neuropsychological and physiological correlates of aging.  We recommend funding for the equipment required to carry out the study, but suggest that subjects be recruited without compensation.
Dr. Noni Bohonak The request was for student assistants to help Dr. Bohonak continue her work on computer modeling of protein folding.
Prof. Marybeth Holloway

This proposal was to support research of Beatrice Herford’s work.          

Prof. Christopher Judge This proposal was to provide summer salary and benefits for Chris to develop and prepare an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant application. 

Dr. Nicol Augusté

Decoding the Catawba: Utilizing Archives to Unearth Post-Removal American Indian Realities
Dr. Mark Coe Developing Research Skills and Making Contacts in Discipline
Dr. Stephen Criswell Preparation for Publication of Body of Work on African American Family Reunion Traditions
Dr. Howard Kingkade Preparation of Scripts for National and International Writing Competitions
Dr. Bettie Obi Johnson Development of Inquiry-Based Chemistry Labs Using Modern Analytical Instrumentation
2008 Small Grant Awards  

Dr. Shemsi Alhaddad

Hecke Algebras for Monomial Groups
Dr. Mark Coe Travel Expenses in excess of departmental funds available
Dr. Sarah Hunt Relationship of BMI and Body Composition in Predicting Frailty and Quality of Life


Dr. Walt Collins         Voice recorder, ground transportation and summer stipend with fringe benefits to conduct scholarly interviews of two authors.
Prof. Fran Gardner     Production of a body of work for exhibition at the Florence Museum of Art, Dec 2007-Jan 2008  
Prof.  Chris Judge Supplies, equipment, consultant fees, carbon 14 dating charges and salaries for two archaeological technicians for 6 days and 1 lab technician for 6 days.                                     
2007 Small Grant Awards  
Prof. Howard Kingkade            Travel to premier of movie Hole in the Paper Sky written by Kingkade
Dr. Annette Golonka         Exploration of nectar inhabiting microorganisms in local populations of the plant Silene Caroliniana
Prof. Mike Reynolds   Travel to present conference paper Contesting Morality: Ideology and Sectional Conflict in Antebellum America
Prof. Terri Polenski     Equipment and seed monies for future research project



Dr. Stephen Criswell

Completion of editing collection of essays on South Carolina folklore and folklife.


Dr. Todd Scarlet

Reproductive success of Red-Headed Woodpecker in Urban and Rural Habitats


Dr. Lisa Rashley

The Material Manifestation of Slavery: Phyllis Alesia Perry’s Stigmata and Pam Durban’s So Far Back

(awarded in 2005, but deferred to 2006)



Dr. Noni Bohonak

Student research assistants and equipment


Dr. Danny Faulkner

Visits to Lowell Observatory and AAS meeting


Dr. David Norman

Various conference papers and proposals for publications


Dr. Walt Collins

Research, presentation, and eventual publication of scholarly essay and for publishers' permission fees to quote from novels for book project




Prof. Fran Gardner Perry

Language & Landscape: Taking the Art and Poetry Collaboration to Publication


Dr. Danny Faulkner

The Study of Interacting Binary Stars




Dr. Dwayne Brown

The Effects of USCL Arts and Science Adventure Camp, Summer Experiences for Children in Grades 6 to 9 on Mathematics Achievement and Student Attitude


Dr. B. H. Caraway

The Production of a cRNA Library for Spirillum volutans ATCC 19554 by Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT‑PCR)




Dr. Noni Bohonak

Continuing work: Finding a Fitness Function to be Used with Genetic Algorithms to Solve a Protein Folding Problem: The ab initio Prediction of a Protein Using Torsion Angles


Prof. Fran Gardner Perry

Development of new bodies of work


Dr. Todd Scarlett

The Relationship Between Masting Trees and Potential Seed Dispersing Birds and Mammals




Dr. B. H. Caraway

Purchase of the Revco Ultra Temperature Freezer


Dr. Lisa Rashley

Chapbook project tentatively titled Notice of the Iguanodon


Dr. Lori Robison

Continuing work toward the completion of book: Domesticating Difference: Gender, Race, and the Birth of a New South

$1500 (not awarded due to resignation; funds diverted to travel)



Dr. Noni Bohonak

Acquisition of computer equipment for protein modeling project


Dr. Danny Faulkner

Continuing study of eclipsing binary stars


Prof. Fran Gardner Perry

Art supplies, services and travel/subsistence to Santa Fe, NM to study work of Georgia O’Keeffe


Dr. Eric Wolfe

Summer stipend for revision and re-submission of manuscripts for publication




Dr. Noni Bohonak

Finding a Fitness Function to be Used with Genetic Algorithms to Solve a Protein Folding Problem: The ab initio Prediction of a Protein Using Torsion Angles


Dr. Danny Faulkner

Study of Eclipsing Binary Stars


Dr. Lisa Rashley

Project on Frances Sargent Osgood


Dr. Lori Robison

Continuing work toward the completion of book: Domesticating Difference: Gender, Race and the Birth of a New South


Dr. Todd Scarlett

Effects of Mast Seeding on the Population Biology of Birds and Mammals


Yearly Award Totals














  $23,000 (includes deferred grant to Dr. Rashley from 2005)