WORDS OF ADVICE. “[My grandmother] always believed to make, to do, the best that you could. And she always used the best clay. She wouldn’t just use any kind of clay; it had to be the best. . . . She said if we couldn’t make it right on the first, there wasn’t no need to give up. . . .  She said, ‘You just keep right on trying.’ And lots of times I’d make something and set my fist in it, and she’d say, ‘Don’t do that! Give it to me!’ And she would take it and work it around and fix it, work it up. . . . She said, ‘You’ll not make it perfect the first time, but keep trying.’ And she said, ‘Do the best you can. Always try to improve.’” --Georgia Harris on Martha Jane Harris [image: Indian head canoe by Georgia Harris]









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