Dr. Todd Scarlett
Dr. Todd L. Scarlett
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D., 1997, Washington State University

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BIOL 102
BIOL 102 Lab
Biological Principles II Spring
BIOL 110
BIOL 110 Lab
General Biology Fall

BIOL 120
BIOL 120 Lab

Human Biology Fall

BIOL 208

Our Hungry World:
From Malthus to McDonalds
BIOL 270
BIOL 270 Lab
Environmental Biology Spring
BIOL 301
BIOL 301 Lab
Ecology and Evolution Spring
BIOL 399 Independent Study Arranged

ENVR 101
ENVR 101 Lab

Intro to the Environment Fall


Effects of Hydroelectric Operations on Fish-eating Birds

Great Blue Heron

Red-headed Woodpecker Population Biology

Red-Headed Woodpecker

The Acorn Project

Whit Oak Acorns

Field Research

Tracking a mouse's food habits

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Grants, Publications, & Presentations
Degree Requirements Worksheet
Full Description of Biology Degree Requirements
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