Female Silene latifolia flower Annette Golonka, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
USC Lancaster
Male Silene latifolia flower
Office: 211 Bradley
Phone: 803-313-7019
PO Box 889
USC Lancaster
Lancaster, SC 29721
Dr. Annette Golonka

Office Hours:

By appointment,
when my door is open,
or by email

Education: PhD in Botany, 2002, from Duke University
BS in Biological Sciences, 1996, from University of California Irvine


Students, for complete syllabi, including dates, please see your courses on Blackboard. The information below is only for general course information, not for exact scheduling.

BIOL 101 Biological Principles I Fall & Spring
BIOL 250
BIOL 250 Lab
Microbiology Fall & Spring

BIOL 302

Cell and Molecular Biology (coming) Spring
BIOL 303 Fundamental Genetics Fall

My research interests focus around microbial ecology, diversity, and evolution, as well as plant ecology, spanning disciplines. I am also very interested in science education and laboratory development. I am very interested in population and community dynamics of plants, the interaction of microbes with plants and pollinators, yeast evolution and ecology, the evolution of gender in plants, and pollination biology. For more information, please see my Curriculum vitae and my research interests for my previous research experiences.

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