Course Requirements:  Psychology 101

  1. Each student will be required to take 4 tests during the semester.  Each test will be comprised of 50 multiple choice items.  The questions will range from very easy (those requiring recall) to very difficult (those requiring application and critical thinking).  The more difficult questions are designed to distinguish between the student who has merely memorized information and the student who has processed and evaluated it.  If a student misses an assigned test without prior consultation with the instructor, that student will have to take the missed test during the regular-scheduled exam time.
  2. Each student will have the opportunity to complete five application exercises valued at 10 points each.  These application exercises may take the form of oral or written quizzes on topics covered in required reading assignments.  These applications may not be announced in advance.  If a student misses an application exercise, it will be very difficult to make up that class application.  Assigned classroom and homework activities can also comprise application exercises.
  3. Each student will be expected to attend class each session and participate in the learning process.  "Absence from more than 10 percent of the scheduled class sessions, whether excused or unexcused, is excessive and the instructor may choose to exact a grade penalty for such absences..." University of South Carolina Lancaster Bulletin.

Studying the reading assignments, viewing the accompanying video tapes, completing the exercises and practice quizzes on the CD-ROM, and completing the assigned class activities are assumed to be sufficient work for this introductory class and grades will be assigned on the basis of tests and activities that occur during class.  Students may earn bonus points from appropriate classroom participation, impromptu oral quizzes, assigned classroom and homework activities.

Course Grading
Grading in Psychology 101 is based on the total number of points earned by each student, with a minimum number of points required for each letter grade.  It is possible to earn up to 250 points, or more, depending upon the student's motivation.

                                            Points Possible:  4 tests @  50 points each                    200 points
                                            5 application exercises @ 10 pts. each                            50 points
                                            Total Points Possible:                                                    250 points

Your final grade in Psychology 101 will be determined in the following manner:

                                            90% mastery is required for an A:                            250-225 points
                                            80% mastery is required for a B:                              224-200 points
                                            70% mastery is required for a C:                              199-175 points
                                            60% mastery is required for a D:                              174-150 points

Below 60% mastery of the material results in no credit for the course with a letter grade of  F.

Your grade in psychology is an objective measure of your mastery of the material based upon valid and reliable means of assessment.  Students' competency level of course objectives will be measured by the performance on: 

1.  written expression
2.  oral expression
3.  interaction/participation
4.  oral quizzes
5.  classroom activities
6.  multiple-choice tests
7.  group activities

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