Dianne T. Evans

Division Co-Chair of Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice & Education
Emerita Professor and Specialist in School Psychology, M.S., S.S.P., Winthrop University

Office: 124 Hubbard
Campus Telephone: 803-313-7074

My cabin in the woods

Fortify yourself with contentment,
for this is an impregnable fortress.
-- Epictetus

Office Hours: 

Monday through Thursday:
9:00-11:00, 3:00-4:00

The view from my cabin

Build therefore your own world.                 -- Emerson

Prof. Dianne Evans

Credentials and Awards



PSYC 101

Introduction to Psychology  
Course requirements, course grading, and proposed course outline

Information For All Psychology 101 Classes
Course description, objectives, and design. Study aids, supplementary instruction, and Web Sites. Learning outcomes for each topic covered.

PSYC 103 Psychology of Adjustment
  Article: "Justice in the Classroom"

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