Dianne T. Evans
Emerita Professor

Office: 124 Hubbard Hall
Campus Telephone: 313-7074

On Teaching:
      Whoever would be a teacher of men let him begin by teaching himself before teaching others; and let him teach by example before teaching by word.  For he who teaches himself and rectifies his own ways is more deserving of respect and reverence than he who would teach others and rectify their ways.     -- Kahlil Gibran

On Counseling:
Counseling is only as effective as the therapist is living effectively.  -- Carkhuff & Berenson, 1967.


College, Universtiy                        From--to            Degrees and Major Field of Study:

Winthrop College                        1986-1987           Specialist in School Psychology Degree

USC, Winthrop College               1975-1983           SC Department of Education Certification:
                                                                                        Educational Specialist
                                                                                        Counselor Education
                                                                                        Special Education

Winthrop College                        1971-1974           Master of Science Degree in School Psychology

Winthrop College                        1969                   SC Teacher Certification Program of Study

Winthrop College                        1960--1964          BS Degree in Business Education
                                                                                        Minor:  Communications

Professional Certification:                                

South Carolina Department of Education: Teaching Credential No. 0765559

Endorsements:       Business Education
                             Emotionally Handicapped
                             Advanced Guidance and Counseling
                             School Psychologist, Level I
                             School Psychologist, Level II

Nationally Certified School Psychologist, 1989: Certification No. 20183

Awards and Citations:

1991-1992                 USCL Dinstinguished Teaching Award
1993-1994                 USCL Distinguished Teaching Award
1993-1994                 Featured in The Next Horizon of Understanding, 1993-1994 President's Annual
                                Report, USC, A Faculty's Reflection on the Merits and Challenges of  Teaching.
1994                         State of South Carolina House of Representatives Commendation for contributions
                                in SC public education since l969:  classroom teaching, student counseling, special
                                education, adult education, school psychology.
1996                         National Teaching Award, Who's Who Among America's Teachers
1997-1998                 Distinguished Teaching Finalist Award
1998                         National Teaching Award, Who's Who Among America's Teachers
1998-1999                 Distinguished Teaching Finalist Award
1999                         USCL Citation:  Recognition of Scholarship
2000                         National Teaching Award, Who's Who Among america's Teachers
2000-2001                 USCL Distinguished Teaching Award
2002                         National Teaching Award, Who's Who Among America's Teachers
2003                         Distinguished Teaching Award: USCL Business and Professional Studies Division
2004                         Distinguished Teaching Award: USCL Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice & Education 
2005                         Distinguished Teaching Award: USCL Business, Behavorial Sciences, Criminal Justice & Education
2006                         Distinguished Teaching Award: USCL

Research and Scholarship:


1992:    "Role of the Counseling Center in Freshman Retention: Early Assessment, Interpretation,
               and Referral," with Dr, Jeff White.  The Eleventh Annual Conference of the Freshman Year
               Experience, February, 1992, Columbia, SC.

1994:    "Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Non-traditional Students," with Lynn
              Ferguson, Student Activities Coordinator, Freshman Year Experience National Conference on Urban
              Campuses, June, 1994,  Columbia, SC.

               "Participating and assessing Change," with Dr. Jeff White, Southeastern Conference of
                Counseling Center Personnel, November, 1994, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1995:        "Data From The College Student Inventory Used As Assessment and Intervetnion For
                  Incoming Freshmen," with Dr. Jeff White, Southeastern Conference of Counseling Center
                  Personnel, October, l995, Jekyll Island, Georgia.

                 "Justice in the Classroom," article in Professor as Teacher , Fall l995, Vol. 2, Issue I.

1996:         "Making A Way Out of No-Way, Empowering A Sense of Generativity With Adult
                   Students," Ninth Annual Women's Studies Conference, March, 1996, Columbia, SC.

1997:        "The Assessment of Student Achievement: Are Your Students Learning What You Think
                   You Are Teaching?"  Tenth Annual South Carolina Higher Education Assessment Network
                   Conference, 1997, Myrtle Beach, SC.

                "Cognitive Restructuring:  Nourishing the Body and Soul," Annual Retreat:  South Carolina
                  Conference United Methodist ministers and spouses, April, l997, Myrtle Beach, SC.

1998:       "Balancing the Diversity Within,"  Eleventh Annual Women's Studies Conference, Diversity in
                 Women's Lives: Gender, Race, Class & Sexuality,  l998, USC-Columbia, Columbia, SC.

                "Connecting Counseling with the First-Year Experience to Enhance Student Development
                 and Promote Student Retention," with Dr. Jeff White, at the 35th Annual Conference, New
                Waves in Counseling, Southeastern Conference of Counseling Center Personnel, October 21-23,
                 Jekyll Island, Georgia.

                  "Effective First-Year Student Services:  Combing the Freshman Year Seminar With Peer
                   Advisors," with Lynn Ferguson, Student Activities Director, at the 11th South Carolina
                   Higher Education Assessment Network Conference:  The Mosaic of Excellence in Higher
                   Education: Putting the Pieces Together, November 7, 1998, Hilton Head, South Carolina.

2000:        "Restyling Meaningful Relationships for the Returning Adult Student,"  the Southeastern
                   Conference of Counseling Center Personnel:  Meaningful Relationships in the New
                    Millennium, October, 2000, Nashville, Tennessee.

Campus Presentations:  Annual presentations (1998 to present)  for students enrolled in The First-Year Experience (University 101): "Stress and Time Management" and "Interpretation of Your College Student Inventory."

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