Dr. Ron Cox
Professor of History
Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs

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Dr. Ron Cox

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"The South Carolinian has fire in his head, comfort in his middle, and a little lead in his feet.  Proud of his past, often scornful of innovations, he is not willing to adapt unless thoroughly convinced it is a good thing.  Not given to the desperate pursuit of wealth, he has time for pleasure and humorous converse.  His way of life is leisurely, despite his slack economic habits; and though he progresses slowly, he performs his daily task to the accompaniment of a tune.  He knows his faults, at least many of them.  He will discuss and propose remedies--but woe to the outsider who reminds him of them.  The faults of his State are as personal to him as a wart on his nose." 

from "Who Is the South Carolinian" in South Carolina: The WPA Guide to the Palmetto State

Academic Credentials

Curriculum Vitae
Doctor of Philosophy, History, University of South Carolina - Columbia (1996)
Master of Arts, History, University of South Carolina - Columbia (1993)
Bachelor of Arts, History, Wofford College - Spartanburg (1989) -- Graduated summa cum laude ; member, Phi Beta Kappa

History Courses
Students: Syllabi also available via Blackboard

History 101 European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century. (3) The rise and development of European civilization from its Mediterranean origins through the Renaissance and Reformation.
History 102 European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century. (3) European development and expansion from the mid-17th century to the present.
History 111
History 112
History of the United States from Discovery to the Present Day. (3) A general survey of the United States from the era of discovery to the present, emphasizing major political, economic, social, and intellectual developments. First semester: to 1865; second semester: since 1865. Honors sections are available for students in the honors program.
History 404 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1877. (3) The political, military, and social history of the War and the reorganization which followed.
History P407 United States History Since 1945. (3) A survey of the political, economic, social, and cultural developments in the period after World War II.
History 409 The History of South Carolina, 1670-1865. (3) A study of South Carolina origins and developments.
History 410 History of South Carolina Since 1865. (3) A survey of recent South Carolina history with emphasis on social and institutional development.
History 442 The Old South. (3) Development of Southern society and of the forces that made the South a distinctive section of the United States.
History 443 The New South. (3) Reconstruction, the Bourbon era, agrarian revolt, industrial revolution, racial problems, and the changes resulting from the impact of two world wars and the New Deal (1865-1946).
PALM 493 South Carolina Studies.  (3)  Reading and writing about South Carolina from the perspective of multiple disciplines, incorporating elements of the student’s major and cognate.

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