Thelathia Barnes Bailey
  Director of TRiO Programs

  Director of University 101
TRiO Learning Resource Center
Office:  Medford 138 (TRiO)
Phone:  803.313.7042
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Introduction to Public Administration
(POLI 370) 3 Credit Hours
A study of the basic principles and theory of administrative structure, responsibility, and control in relation to policy making in the modern state.

Spring 2015

1st Eight Week Class
SR 22953 POLI 370 4X LAN 3.00 4A
T&TH, 05:30pm-08:00pm
1/12-3/2 MEDFRD 132

The Student in the University
(UNIV 101) 3 Credit Hours
Students will receive basic information, encouragement, and an understanding of college's culture and function. Student success hinges on whether or not they are adequately prepared for the unique challenges that they will face on your campus!

Fall 2014

1st Eight Week Class
SR 95979 UNIV 101 4X LAN 3.000 4A
T&TH, 05:30 pm-08:00 pm
08/21-10/09 MEDFRD 132 

2nd Eight Week Class
SR 95980 UNIV 101 4X1 LAN 3.000 4B
T&TH, 05:30 pm-08:00 pm
10/20-12/11 MEDFRD 132

Spring 2015

2nd Eight Week Class
SR 95980 UNIV 101 4X1 LAN 3.000 4B
T&TH, 05:30 pm-08:00 pm
3/16-5/1 MEDFRD 132


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